Health Promotion Tools & Consultation Services

Empowering You to -

  • Go Beyond Disease Management
  • Overcome Care Barriers and Disparities
  • Build Alliances for Population Health
  • Promote Vitality

Why PCPs Need Our System

Physicians, watch this short video to see why you need our solution now

Consultation Services

For medical practices, health networks, allied health professions 
Over 5 decades of experience on our consulting team

  • Business plans for lifestyle and prevention
  • Customize your prevention services
  • Training to provide health promotion services
  • Help building non-traditional alliances


More Short Videos

The SHQ as a Business Solution for Healthy Living Services

See how to implement a stable business plan to imbed healthy living services as a part of your health care services. This is useful for self-insured employers, primary care physicians, health care networks and for allied health care providers who deliver health promotion services.

How to Use the SHQ in an Annual Wellness Visit

The SHQ leverages your community-based resources, where good health has to be lived every day. The SHQ also gives you analytical power, from your data on population lifestyle and ecology, to facilitate quality improvement as well as designing programs and services to meet your local needs.

Inexpensive Web-Based Tools

Patient-centered, elegant and easy-to-use
Designed for medical profession workflow

  • Quantify individual health risks
  • Coordinate healthy living resources
  • Align resources to overcome barriers
  • Close gaps-in-care
  • Measure socio-behavioral health


Benefits for Your Medical Practice or Health Profession Business

• Make wellness visits efficient and productive
• Achieve meaningful use for education and outreach
• Quantify population health risks
• Leverage wellness visits to improve outcomes
• Integrate community-based resources
• Scale services to local needs

We're Your Guides

to getting beyond disease-oriented care, to creating your own solutions and alliances to reducing health risks, overcoming barriers to health and disparities, and blending it all together for better population health and vitality.

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